2020 Year in Review

December 28, 2020 K.O. Herston 0 Comments

2020 was . . . different.

In January, I unveiled a new look for this blog, which had not been updated in 10 years.

Our office closed in March to help contain COVID-19. We are fortunate to have the technological capability to work remotely, so the disruption to our clients was minimal.

We returned to the office with the arrival of warmer weather.

We adjusted. Many client meetings and consultations occurred via videoconference. I completed my first trial conducted over Zoom, which was cool. In-person meetings were replaced with videoconferences.

My annual review seminar continued but over Zoom instead of in person. If you missed the live presentation, click here to see it.

Despite all the craziness, I kept my regular posting schedule—Monday, Wednesday, photograph on Friday—and published 159 posts.

Traffic to the blog increased by 15% over 2019.

Here are the 10 most popular posts of 2020:

  1. Tennessee’s New Child Support Guidelines
  2. Child-Custody Exchanges during the Coronavirus Pandemic, Issues Created by Self Isolation at Home, and the Quest to Get Married: Another COVID-19 Reading Roundup
  3. Emergency Order from Tennessee Supreme Court re COVID-19
  4. Tennessee Changes Rule about Objections to Interrogatories and Kills “General Objections” Once and for All
  5. Tennessee Family Law Legislative Update 2020
  6. Transmutation of Marital Residence Analyzed in Chattanooga, Tennessee Divorce: Hunt-Carden v. Carden
  7. No Mask, No Child Custody: COVID-19 Is a New Factor in Family Law
  8. Termination of Parental Rights Not in Child’s Best Interest in Blount County, Tennessee: In re Allyson P.
  9. Civil Contempt Dismissed Because of Statute of Limitations in Charlotte, Tennessee: Proctor v. Proctor
  10. At What Age Can Children Decide Which Parent They Want to Live with in Tennessee?

I’ll close with a big THANK YOU to all who support this blog by sharing posts on social media.

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