Ten Years and Kickin’

February 17, 2020 K.O. Herston 3 Comments

Tomorrow is the 10th anniversary of my first post on this blog blawg.

Ten years and over 1500 posts later, here we are right where we began—me sharing my thoughts with you on the Interwebs.10th anniversary Tennessee family law

When I started, law blogging was new, and few people paid much attention. If you go to the archives to see old posts (please don’t), you’ll see why.

Through trial and error, I eventually crafted better posts and shared more of my analysis as “K.O.’s Comments,” which helped attract a broader audience.

2016 ABA Blawg 100As the readership grew, the blog attracted attention.

The ABA Journal twice honored this blog as one of the top law blogs among all those written by famous law professors, judges, and “Big Law” firms in the United States and internationally. Both times this was the only state-specific blog and the only family-law blog chosen.

Not bad for a guy writing most posts—including this one—from his couch.

Nowadays, the blog has become required reading for those interested in Tennessee family law. It is widely read by Tennessee judges, their clerks, law professors, lawyers, and law students.

I’m especially proud of the number of laypeople and litigants who use the site as an educational resource. Information about family law should not hide in dusty law books. I’m glad to play some role in making it more accessible.

Tennessee family law blog
Shout out to the godfather of legal blogging.

So, what’s in store for this blog for the next 10 years?

For now, the plan is more of the same—summarizing noteworthy opinions and sharing my analysis—but I’m open to suggestions.

For example, I’ve toyed with using the site as a resource where readers can share tools like Excel spreadsheets used to divide assets and liabilities, parenting schedules, etc., providing them for other readers to download.

I pose this question to you: How do you think this site could better advance the practice of family law in Tennessee? Let me know in a comment below.

Happy 10th Blogiversary!

Herston Tennessee Family Law

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  1. Thank you for your contribution over the last the 10 years! I look forward to many more years. Having come from 20+ years working solely with California family law financial matters, understanding TN divorce was somewhat of a challenge. But, let me say… your blog quickly became a ‘go to’ resource for me!! Through the years I’ve relied on and programmed excel spreadsheets to do a lot of the ‘heavy lifting’. From property division and parenting schedules to financial affidavits. One day soon I will contact you to discuss contributing to your sharing resource. Again, many thanks to you!!

  2. Congratulations for reaching this milestone. Thank you for the thought and effort you obviously put into each post. Best wishes for the next 10 years!

  3. Thank you Kelly for your well-written case summaries and your thoughtful analysis of caselaw. You do an excellent job and I hope that those of us who practice family law can continue to receive your blog for another ten years.

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