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I finally decided to start blogging about issues related to matrimonial and family law in Tennessee.  Here I intend to provide regular updates on developments and issues of interest that pertain to all aspects of matrimonial and family law, including marriage, divorce, child custody, property division, child support, juvenile law…you name it.  If I think it’s interesting, I’m going to blog about it.  Some of it will be funny, sad, encouraging, depressing, intelligent, stupid—or maybe a combination of all that and more.

Although I will obviously address legal issues, I hope to be of assistance to both legal professionals and laypeople.  Human beings are complex and this is especially true when it comes to our relationships with one another.  As a result, the law touching upon those relationships is often complicated and confusing.  Instead of everything being black-and-white, there is a whole lot of gray.  I hope to break through that complexity to provide analysis and commentary that you might find helpful.

Comments are enabled and I encourage you to comment on my posts or contact me directly with specific questions.  Dialogue on these challenging issues is the only path to understanding.

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K.O. Herston is a family-law attorney in Knoxville, Tennessee whose practice is devoted exclusively to family law, including divorce, child custody, child support, alimony, prenuptial agreements, and other aspects of family law.

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