Family Law Annual Review CLE Road Report: Chattanooga

December 9, 2013 K.O. Herston 0 Comments

Today we started the East Tennessee leg of the family law annual review tour with a stop in Chattanooga. A gray, rainy morning did not help lift our spirits after being rudely awakened by way-earlier-than-usual alarm clocks. Gulping coffee by the gallon, we made our way safely to Chattanooga.

The seminar went well. We didn’t feel any rust from the time off since we last presented in Nashville on Wednesday. Here are some of the comments we received today:

♦ Great course! A must for family law attorneys! — Nicholas Stevens, family law attorney in Cleveland

♦ Always a great seminar! — Ellie Hill, family law attorney in Chattanooga

♦ Very informative and succinct. Any presentation with Arnold [Schwarzenegger] worked in gets two thumbs up. — Sam Byrd, family law attorney in Chattanooga

♦ The seminar was very informative and effective. — Elizabeth Adams, family law attorney in Dayton

K.O. Herston in Chattanooga
K.O. Herston in Chattanooga

On the way back to Knoxville, John and I discovered that our assistant, Bay, had never been exposed to Knoxville’s own lawyer-rapper known as “Lawyer Mike.” The look on her face as we played a few of his songs through the car audio was priceless.

With four presentations down and two to go, the finish line is in sight. You still have time to see us at one of our remaining stops in Johnson City or Knoxville. Click here for details and registration information.

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