The 2021 Year in Review

December 29, 2021 K.O. Herston 0 Comments

The practice of family law in 2021 felt started to feel a bit more normal primarily because COVID-19 vaccines became widely available. Still, more contagious variants emerged, first Delta and now Omicron.

I was fully vaccinated in April and “boosted” in November, as were most lawyers, judges, and legal staff. Mask wearing remained standard indoors, but we resumed in-person mediations, depositions, and trials.

Video conferences remain a fantastic convenience, and I don’t think that will change if COVID-19 disappears tomorrow. We’ve firmly stepped across that line, and we’re not going back.

Technology has allowed family-law attorneys to make it through this pandemic mostly unaffected. We should reflect on our good fortune in that regard. Unfortunately, many of my clients who work in other fields suffered substantial disruptions to their businesses and income.

My annual review seminar occurred over Zoom again this year and was well-received. If you missed the live presentation, you can still view it here.

As for this blog, I published 154 posts in 2021, bringing the total over 12 years to 1,846. (!!!)

Will I hit 2,000 posts in 2022? Probably not. One post each week is a photograph I took somewhere. My interest in photography has been replaced of late by backpacking and running. I will likely run out of pictures to share in the coming year.

Blog traffic stayed the same as last year. The busiest day had 687 visitors.

Curiously, the top eight most-viewed posts in 2021 were from previous years.

Here are the 10 most popular posts of 2021:

  1. Tennessee Family Law Legislative Update 2021
  2. Parental Alienation Leads to Change of Custody in Murfreesboro, Tennessee: Honea v. Honea
  3. Permanent Alimony Challenged in Bristol, Tennessee Divorce: Lee v. Lee
  4. Equal Parenting Time Reversed in Decatur, Tennessee Divorce: Owens v. Owens
  5. Military Retirement Benefits Not Income for Child Support in Clarksville, Tennessee Divorce: Baker v. Baker
  6. Tennessee Supreme Court Resolves Split over Ambiguous Ground for Termination of Parental Rights: In re Neveah M.
  7. Lengthy Sentence for Criminal Contempt Challenged in Cleveland, Tennessee: Choate v. Choate
  8. Divided Court Reverses Severe Abuse Finding in Lewisburg, Tennessee Dependency and Neglect Case: In re Angelleigh R.
  9. Unequal Division of Marital Property Reversed in Nashville, Tennessee Divorce: Julie C.W. v. Mitchell W. Jr.
  10. Life Insurance to Secure Child Support Examined in Lebanon, Tennessee: McGrath v. Hester

Cheers to making it through 2021. Onward to 2022!

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