Come Watch Me Shout Law Stuff at You!

K.O. Herston family law TennesseeAre you tired of me spoon-feeding the latest developments in Tennessee family law to you via the written word?

Do you prefer learning through your earholes?

If so, now’s your chance to cast your eyes upon my bearded visage while listening to the audiobook version of this website.

In less than two weeks, I’m presenting a continuing legal education seminar for the Knoxville Bar Association called . . .



. . . wait for it . . .



Tennessee Family-Law Update 2019.

Not only is that a super original title, but it only costs $20 (cheap!).

I’ll also be available to answer all questions with, “It depends.”

Plus, I’ve been bustin’ my hump on nights and weekends putting this together for you folks, so a little support would be nice.

Come see me Tuesday, December 3, and get your learnin’ the old-fashioned way.

Click here for details.

Tennessee Family-Law Update 2019 (Knoxville Bar Association, December 3, 2019).

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K.O. Herston is a family-law attorney in Knoxville, Tennessee whose practice is devoted exclusively to family law, including divorce, child custody, child support, alimony, prenuptial agreements, and other aspects of family law.

4 thoughts on “Come Watch Me Shout Law Stuff at You!

  1. It would be great if you could make this available via podcast or some other way for those who don’t live in the surrounding area but who follow you!

    1. It’s intended for lawyers, most of whom need continuing legal education this time of year. But you’ll have to ask the folks at the Knoxville Bar Association about whether nonlawyers may attend. The KBA handles all those details. I just show up and teach.

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