The Tennessee General Assembly Is Bad at Its Job

September 2, 2019 K.O. Herston 2 Comments

Remember when I told you Rule 34 was being amended to require that objections to requests for production of documents state

  • the specific reasons for objecting, and
  • whether responsive materials are being withheld per the objection?

Remember when I told you—twice—this change would be effective July 1, 2019?

Well, it turns out the effective date was contingent on Tennessee’s General Assembly doing its damn job.

Guess who hasn’t been showing up to work? The people you elected!

giphy (3)Instead of making sure our government runs smoothly and courts operate efficiently to produce just results, our hard-working legislators have been very busy with much more important things like . . .

. . . DEFEATING SATAN . . . and


After our brave legislators defeated none other than Satan himself, plus the constitutional right to privacy, they were clearing out their desks when—lo and behold!—someone discovered they hadn’t approved the rule changes requested by the Tennessee Supreme Court.

giphy (2)








The rules that normally would’ve been approved over five months ago were finally approved on August 23, 2019, almost two months after the Supreme Court said the rule changes were effective.

To clean up this mess, the Supreme Court retroactively moved the effective date of the rule change to October 1, 2019.

Remember when I said you didn’t need to drink before reading this year’s legislative update? I should’ve known better.

It’s Labor Day, y’all. Bottoms up!









Order re Amendments to Tennessee Rules of Civil Procedure (Tennessee Supreme Court, August 26, 2019).

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  1. Thank you! I’ve also been wondering about the status of the TENNESSEE DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES CHAPTER 1240-2-4 CHILD SUPPORT GUIDELINES revision. Also, when when do they plan on updating thier CS calculator? I just completed the final touches to the TN CS support calculator I’ve been working on. It is working like a charm! It’s exactly like the Excel workbook offered on their website, but it’s formula driven as opposed to VBA Macro driven. Being that it is formula driven, it runs very smooth and does not doesn’t have all the hesitation and hiccups while trying to loop through a bunch of VBA code. Let me know if you would like a preview….

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