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December 8, 2018 K.O. Herston 1 Comments

It’s Saturday morning. I’m sitting by the fire, sipping coffee, and reading appellate opinions while I wait for the snow flurries to arrive.

And then something in one opinion catches my eye.

The case itself is not blogworthy, but this excerpt is too good not to share.

Stepmother recalled an instance in which Mother became quite upset with Father and Stepmother for dressing the child in an Ole Miss t-shirt, and sent Stepmother some “pretty bad texts” over the shirt.

The Court adds in a footnote:

Mother is apparently a University of Tennessee fan, while Stepmother is a University of Mississippi, or Ole Miss, graduate. Stepmother, however, testified that whenever she buys Ole Miss paraphernalia for her son, she also feels compelled to get something for [the child] in order for [the child] to feel included. Stepmother explained that she thinks Mother sees the Ole Miss merchandise as a personal slight. Father and Stepmother both testified that they are no longer able to dress the child in any Ole Miss clothing due to how upset Mother becomes.

crying ole miss baby

Tennessee fans do not mess around.

Harmon v. Harmon (Tennessee Court of Appeals, Western Section, November 27, 2018).

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