Podcast #6: K.O. Herston Answers Your Questions

April 11, 2018 K.O. Herston 0 Comments

It’s podcast time in Tennessee, and the next episode arrived just in time.

In this episode, I answer questions sent in by listeners. I discuss (1:30) what to look for when selecting a family-law attorney, (11:10) whether a child-support arrearage can be waived in Tennessee, and (16:00) the one thing I most want to change about Tennessee family law.

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Feel free to submit additional questions. Once I get enough questions, I’ll do another podcast where I try my best to answer them.

Submit your questions one of these ways:

  1. Send a voicemail. Call my office at (865) 971-3757, use the menu or ask the receptionist for my voicemail, and leave a message where you state your name, where you’re calling from, and your question or comment. This is the best way to send your comment because the listeners can hear your voice.
  2. Send an email. Use our online contact form to send your question or comment in writing. Be sure to put “podcast” in the subject line.

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Podcast #6: K.O. Herston Answers Your Questions (April 11, 2018).

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