Less Than Half of U.S. Parents With Child Custody Receive Full Amount of Child Support

March 26, 2018 K.O. Herston 1 Comments

This article by Vincent Del Giudice at Bloomberg.com is interesting.

Less Than Half of U.S. Parents With Child Custody Get Funds

Deadbeat parents left a trail of hardship in 2015.

Less than half of parents holding child custody — 43.5 percent — received the full amount of child support due that year, according to newly released U.S. Census Bureau data. Meanwhile, three in 10 custodial parents received no payment at all in 2015 – the highest amount since at least 1993.

National child support chart

The data suggest mothers carried the burden with the poverty rate of custodial mothers significantly higher than those of fathers with custody, 29.2 percent versus 16.7 percent.

Of the 1.6 million custodial parents with incomes below the poverty line, just 39.2 percent received full payments.

While the aggregate amount of child support due in 2015 totaled a staggering $33.7 billion, it was $14 billion lower than in 2003.

K.O.’s Comment: I wonder what the rates are for Tennessee. My hunch is that our collection rates are worse than the national averages. If we weren’t worse than average before, I am confident we will get there soon since our Republican legislators¬†voted to incentivize the nonpayment of child support. If that isn’t a reason to vote them out, I don’t know what is.

Source: Less Than Half of U.S. Parents With Child Custody Get Funds (Bloomberg, January 30, 2018).

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  1. You seem to be harshly judging those people as dead beats for not paying child support. Do you know how many unlawful child support orders are created every day? How many of these deadbeats could pay their unlawful orders? The mentality on child support is what needs to change in our government as our legislators did not intend to impoverish one parent to enrich another one. The entire child support system in Tennessee and in this nation needs an overhaul. The numbers order place one parent in an impoverished state even though the parents are highly involved in raising their children. There are many situations where agreements are made between parents where the state judges interfere and create the inability to pay the ridiculously high child support orders. The state has stated they wish to protect children and yet I hear stories daily of how the family courts are creating parental alienation; financial alienation; and impoverishment all to make a percentage from unlawfully made child support orders. Your view seems to be coming from a privileged background without being a daily witness to the injustices that happen daily in family court rooms.

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