A Look Back on 2017

December 27, 2017 K.O. Herston 0 Comments

2017 has been a heckuva year for our clients, our practice, and this blog.

For our clients, this year brought many agreed resolutions and several lengthy trials after we couldn’t find common ground. Family law is challenging, and we’re proud of the work we did this year. We made things better for a lot of people.

As for our practice, we just moved into our new, permanent location on the second floor of the Mast General Store building in downtown Knoxville. We’re really looking forward to spending the coming years in our new offices. Stop by and say hello if you’re in the area. If you stop by late on Friday afternoon, you can join us as we enjoy an adult beverage on the balcony.

The blog had yet another year of record traffic. I updated the design of the entire site, wrote my 1,000th post, and even created podcasts. The number of subscribers keeps climbing, and its influence continues to grow. I owe big thanks to all of YOU for spreading the word.

These 10 posts received the most traffic in 2017:

  1. Tennessee Legislature Changes Interest on Child-Support Arrearages;
  2. Tennessee Family Law Legislative Update 2017;
  3. No Relief from Default Judgment in Murfreesboro, TN Custody Dispute: In re I.G.;
  4. Primary Residential Parent Designation Examined in Chattanooga, TN Child-Custody Dispute: Bell v. Bell;
  5. Change of Child Custody Reversed in Nashville, TN Parenting Plan Modification Dispute: In Re Braylin D.;
  6. Tennessee Supreme Court Redefines “Reasonable Purpose” in Parental Relocation Cases: Aragon v. Aragon;
  7. Parent’s Right to Free Speech Examined in Nashville, TN Child Custody Modification: Gider v. Hubbell;
  8. New Procedural Requirement Results in Dismissal of Termination of Parental Rights Appeal in Memphis, Tennessee: In re Catherine J. (Note: The Tennessee Supreme Court reversed this decision in In re Bentley D.);
  9. Parental Alienation Leads to Child-Custody Change in Jonesborough, Tennessee: McClain v. McClain; and
  10. Supervised Visitation Reversed in Memphis, TN Parenting Plan Modification: Allen v. Allen.

Here’s one more that I think belongs on the “top 10” list even though it didn’t generate as much traffic: Parent Granted Sole Decision-Making Authority over Children’s Religious Upbringing in Sparta, TN Postdivorce Dispute: Lewis v. Parmerter.

It would be time well spent to take a few minutes and refresh your memory about those cases.

On a personal note, 2017 allowed me to go to Fenway Park and jump for joy as the Red Sox beat the Yankees in the bottom of the ninth, spend time relaxing with my family at Hilton Head, go mountain biking with my wife, swim with manatees in Florida, and witness yet another Vanderbilt football victory over Tennessee after spending my entire childhood tacitly accepting that I’d never see such a thing in my lifetime.

Here are some photos from 2017:

Herston Smokies
Summitting Brushy Mountain during a long run in the Smokies
Herston Fenway
At Fenway Park after the Red Sox beat the Yankees
Herston office
Sitting in what would be — and now is — my new office
Herston manatees
Swimming with manatees
Herston mountain biking
Not bad for an old guy
Herston Halloween
The Tennessee Trashcan and the elusive goalpost at Halloween
Vanderbilt beats Tennessee
Vanderbilt 42, Tennessee 24 at Neyland Stadium. This is my happy face.
Vanderbilt victory over Tennessee
Celebrating with my teammates 😁
Herston tour de lights
Pausing in front of our new office (on the left) during the holiday bike ride in downtown Knoxville. We won runner up in the group costume contest!

Here’s to the adventures that await us all in the coming year!

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