Podcast #4: Judge Swann Reflects on Changes in Tennessee Family Law and Life after the Bench

I recently sat down with Judge Bill Swann to discuss the changes he observed in the practice of family law during his 32 years presiding over the dedicated family-law court in Knoxville.

In this episode, we discuss the changes he witnessed in the substantive family law in Tennessee, including:

  • the rise of mediation in family-law cases;
  • the end of the “tender years” doctrine and gender preferences;
  • the types of cases he found to be most rewarding;
  • why he found postdivorce child-custody disputes to be the most difficult types of cases;
  • the challenge of parental-relocation cases;
  • the changes Judge Swann predicts we’ll see in the coming decades; and
  • what he’s been up to since retiring from the bench.

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Podcast #4: Judge Bill Swann Reflects on Changes in the Practice of Law (November 27, 2017).

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K.O. Herston is a family-law attorney in Knoxville, Tennessee whose practice is devoted exclusively to family law, including divorce, child custody, child support, alimony, prenuptial agreements, and other aspects of family law.

One thought on “Podcast #4: Judge Swann Reflects on Changes in Tennessee Family Law and Life after the Bench

  1. Enjoyed listing to you and Bill Swann. Have never believed that any mediation agreement had to consider what the court would give. I have always believed that when parties met their needs and it was within the law it was a contract and would not be evaluated by the judge for his approval. But rather be accepted as a party agreement…….Paul

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