Podcast #1: Terri’s Story, Part One

Today I’m trying something new on the ol’ blog — a podcast!

In this first episode, I speak with a former client, Terri, about her divorce after 31 years of marriage. She talks about her decision to divorce, how she prepared for it, and how her husband and children reacted to the news.

Give it a try, and let me know what you think.

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Come back next Monday to hear the conclusion to Terri’s story.

Podcast #1: Terri’s Story, Part One (October 9, 2017).

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One thought on “Podcast #1: Terri’s Story, Part One

  1. Amazing! I mean, I tuned in because I thought, “Really?! Does it make me a voyeur to listen to such a recording?” However, once I listened, I saw a lot of value in your doing these interviews. There must be a number of people who wonder how a person ever takes the leap, and listening to this woman’s story could give them strength. I didn’t expect much, and what I heard was truly impressive. I can’t wait to hear the rest of Terri’s story. Well done, counselor. (No surprise there, I must admit.)

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