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August 1, 2016 K.O. Herston 3 Comments

I guarantee you have no idea how much time it takes to maintain this blog.

I have to read all the Tennessee family law opinions issued by the appellate courts, figure out which ones are “blog worthy” (not many), and then draft the posts that are published on this blog.

It is a HUGE time commitment that never ends.

Last year I asked for two minutes of your time to tell the American Bar Association why you read this blog.

You delivered.

Because of your comments, this blog was included in the ABA’s list of the top 100 legal blogs, a.k.a., the Blawg 100. It is the only blog covering family law and the only Tennessee blog to make the cut.

Once again, the ABA wants to know why you read this blog.

And once again I ask that if you enjoy this blog, please take two minutes of your time to tell the ABA why you read this blog, what you enjoy about it, how it benefits you, etc.

The comments are limited to 500 characters or less. Sharing your thoughts should take no more than two minutes.

They’re only accepting comments until this Sunday, August 7, so please take a moment right now and CLICK HERE to share your thoughts with the ABA.

Thank you. I really appreciate it.

Source: American Bar Association “Blawg 100 Amici” (August 2016).

Information provided by K.O. Herston: Knoxville, Tennessee Divorce and Family Law Attorney.

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  1. Even though I am retired from law now, I enjoy reading your posts and seeing your incredible photography. Thank you, K.O. I know you enjoy this immensely but it is also a sacrifice and we appreciate it.

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