How to Find Tennessee Appellate Court Opinions Covered on This Blog

April 18, 2016 K.O. Herston 1 Comments

Since I began summarizing and commenting online about Tennessee case law over six years ago, I have always posted links to the actual appellate court opinions. I wanted to make it easy for you to read the opinion yourself if you wanted to.

tennessee bar associationUntil recently, I always linked to copies of the opinions hosted on the Tennessee Bar Association website.

For reasons known only to the TBA, they have now put all the publicly available appellate court opinions behind a pay wall accessible only to TBA members.


That means my links to appellate court opinions on almost 800 blog posts are now dead links.

Several weeks ago I contacted the TBA leadership with some questions about this change. No one has bothered to respond. Clearly I am a valued member of the Association!

From this point forward, I will link to appellate court opinions hosted on the website maintained by Tennessee’s Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC).

If you are looking for opinions covered in old posts, you can find them by typing in the party names on the AOC website.

I apologize for any difficulty you may have finding the opinions from old posts. You can thank our forward-thinking friends at the Tennessee Bar Association.

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  1. They’re tightening down the screws. You can’t get the TBAToday without a membership either. I have tried to get them to go monthly to make it affordable to the “smaller fish”, but they have not shown any interest in that either.

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