Tennessee Family Law Update 2015: Johnson City

November 19, 2015 K.O. Herston 0 Comments

After finally enjoying a night at home, we were jarred awake in the wee hours of the morning by our alarm clocks. Once the car was stocked with plenty of fresh coffee, we set out in the dark and made our way to Johnson City.

The seminar went very well. Some attendees had this to say:

  • Every attorney who practices family law should regard this seminar as mandatory and essential to the success of their practice. — Sarah Shults, Esq., Erwin
  • Extremely informative and helpful to family law attorneys new and old. Will definitely be back next year! — James Cook, II, Esq., Kingsport
  • Excellent insight into family law. Very well organized and presentation stayed on target. — Loretta Lyle, Family Law Mediator, Greeneville
  • Excellent, informative and entertaining seminar. — Jeffrey Benedict, Esq., Johnson City
  • I never have to worry about being one of the best informed attorneys in my field thanks to K.O. and John. Thanks for making me look good! — McKenna Cox, Esq., Johnson City

Afterwards we enjoyed lunch at Tupelo Honey in downtown Johnson City. John wanted a burger but, curiously, insisted he wanted no part of Chef Brian’s “special sauce.”

We made it safely back to Knoxville and are looking forward to the grand finale tomorrow morning in Knoxville. If you haven’t registered already, click here to sign up now.

Here are some photos from earlier today in Johnson City:

My wife Paula took care of everyone.
My wife Paula took care of everyone.
Let’s get this started!
Why doesn't John want Chef Brian's special sauce?
Why doesn’t John want Chef Brian’s special sauce?

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