Only One Month Until Tennessee Family Law Update

Our annual tour presenting the Tennessee Family Law Update seminar begins one month from today! Yikes!

Much has transpired since last year’s seminar. Since then the courts have clarified:

  • what “maximum participation” means (and what it does NOT mean);
  • the effect of anti-relocation provisions commonly used in parenting plans; and
  • criminal contempt, what makes one the “prevailing party” for an award of attorney’s fees, same-sex marriage and divorce, and much, much more!

Join us in:

  • Memphis: Monday, November 16;
  • Nashville: Tuesday, November 17;
  • Chattanooga: Wednesday, November 18;
  • Johnson City: Thursday, November 19; and
  • Knoxville: Friday, November 20.


Last year’s attendees said:

  • This is the best CLE I have ever attended. – Pam Blair, Esq., Memphis
  • This seminar is by far the most helpful family law CLE each year. It is a “can’t miss” for me. – Melody Luhn, Esq., Knoxville
  • Most useful family law seminar I have ever attended! – Alice Alexander, Esq., Kingsport
  • If you practice family law and don’t attend this CLE, you are doing yourself and your clients a disservice. – Christopher Seaton, Esq., Knoxville

If you haven’t already signed up, please don’t wait any longer. I really look forward to meeting readers of this blog.

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Information provided by K.O. Herston: Knoxville, Tennessee Divorce and Family Law Attorney.

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