Posted by: koherston | November 20, 2014

Tennessee Family Law Update 2014: Chattanooga

As always, we enjoyed visiting with our colleagues in Chattanooga yesterday.

Paula Herston rolls out the welcome mat

Two of yesterday’s seminar attendees had this to say:

Always an excellent seminar. Informative and entertaining. — Tracy Cox, Esq., Chattanooga

Great job! Learned a lot. — Leslie McWilliams, Esq., Chattanooga

John Weaver, Jr. in action

John Weaver, Jr. in action

K.O. Herston telling it like it is

John and I are so privileged to to travel across Tennessee each year to discuss family law with other lawyers and mediators. We really look forward to it.

Today we’re in Johnson City. Tomorrow is the finale in Knoxville. Then comes the well-deserved weekend where we get to sleep in at home.

Today is the last day to register for tomorrow’s CLE in Knoxville! Click here for info.

Information provided by K.O. Herston: Knoxville, Tennessee Divorce, Matrimonial and Family Law Attorney.

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