Posted by: koherston | November 14, 2014

Photo of the Week: Bear Surprise!

This is one of my favorite photos. I had been photographing some bears in the woods. When I was finished, I started walking across an overgrown field to get back to where I started. Thinking all the bears were behind me, I let my guard down and was completely relaxed. As I made my way through the field, this curious bear suddenly stood up directly in my intended path and nearly scared me to death. He was around 20 feet away. He just wanted to see who was walking toward him. I slowly backed away while calmly talking to him. Once I regained my senses, I quickly snapped this photo. He and I left in different directions. Looking at this photo always takes me back to that moment and gets my heart racing to this day.

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Surprise!, Great Smoky Mountains National Park

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  1. Wonderful. I love this shot.

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