Posted by: koherston | September 24, 2014

Too Good Not to Share

I read all the family law opinions from Tennessee’s appellate courts. Most don’t make it to the blog. This quotation from an otherwise non-blogworthy Court of Appeals opinion in a post-divorce custody modification case is too good not to share:

Mother questions whether Father can provide academic support by suggesting on appeal that Father will not be able to help the oldest son with higher level math classes because, according to Mother, Father had poor math grades in school. At trial, she introduced Father’s student progress reports going all the way back to middle school in an effort to prove that math was Father’s worst subject. However, Father testified that, since that time, he had earned an engineering degree in electromechanical engineering with a minor in math. Therefore, we are confident that Father will be able to assist the oldest child with his assignments.

One of the many things a lawyer must do in domestic relations cases is filter out those arguments that should not be made. This is one of those arguments that never should have made it out of the lawyer’s office.

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