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mamapunditThis recent post over at is so nice I have to share it.

STUFF I LIKE: A Damned Fine Attorney

Did y’all know that a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I was a law student? Yep, I spent two years as a full time student at the University of Tennessee College of Law before breaking my father’s heart and dropping out. And yes, you read that right: I only had two semesters left when I decided that law school wasn’t where I needed to be at that time in my life. I didn’t even flunk out; I actually made pretty good grades. I just… didn’t finish.
Anyway, among my law school classmate-pals was a very smart, very outspoken guy named K.O. Herston, and like all the rest of my classmates except me, K.O. actually finished law school, and has now been practicing law since the late 90s. As of a few years ago, he launched his own, very successful boutique firm here in Knoxville – located on Gay Street, downtown.
In addition to practicing law, K.O. authors a terrific and frequently updated blog focused on family law issues. Obviously, many of the cases and topics he blogs about have a Tennessee provenance, but much of K.O.’s legal blogging is relevant beyond the Volunteer State, and applies to national developments in the family court system. If you have any interest in this area of the law – as a consumer or a member of the Bar, I think you’ll like reading K.O.’s take on various issues. (You may have previously noticed my link to K.O.’s family law blog over there in the right column where I have various sites and bloggers whom I read and recommend listed for my own readers to check out.)
Okay, so why am I telling you all this? Well, because over the past 8 or 9 months, K.O. has represented me with regard to some legal stuff of major importance that popped up in my life. The specifics don’t really matter, but suffice it to say that I’ve been dealing with some very stressful, time consuming and challenging legal issues throughout most of 2012, which have now concluded, thank goodness. And now that this matter has been resolved, I want to do something that I don’t think you see done too often, which is praise an attorney for the terrific job he did doing, well, his job.
Lawyers have a very bad rap these days, and having had a very disappointing, expensive, and frustrating experience with how an attorney represented me in another legal matter a few years back, I totally understand the general cultural frustration with sub-par lawyering, and with the emotional and financial mess it can leave behind. However, not all lawyers are bad guys (and girls), and some of them are actually really great at what they do.
And I’m here to tell you that K.O. Herston is really, really good at what he does – not just at the technical legal skill part – knowing the law and how to deploy it – but also at the advocacy and guidance part. He really, really helped me with a very difficult legal situation, and he ultimately delivered the very best outcome I could have asked for. He artfully and assertively defended my interests and position, and made sure I was protected in all meaningful ways. In short, I’m a very satisfied customer, and thus, I want to share my experience as K.O.’s client with anyone else who might find themselves at any point in need of honest, smart, skilled legal representation. I give Mr. Herston two thumbs up.
Oh, and just to be clear before I wrap this up, this blog post is an entirely spontaneous expression of my satisfaction with a particular service provider’s paid work on my behalf. I don’t have any relationship with K.O. beyond being his client (and his former slacker/dropout law school classmate.) This is just one of my semi-regular “Stuff I Like” review posts where I’m offering my opinion just because I want to. This time I just happen to be reviewing a service provider as opposed to a product.
I hope none of y’all reading this ever need an attorney for any reason, because that’s not usually something anyone wants, but if you ever do, I don’t think you could do better than K.O. Herston.
Source: STUFF I LIKE: A Damned Fine Attorney (, December 11, 2012).
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