Antrican v. Antrican and Wells v. Wells

April 28, 2010 K.O. Herston 0 Comments

Two recent opinions regarding property division are of interest.

  1. In Antrican v. Antrican, the parties were married 30+ years and both contributed to the accumulation of the marital estate. Husband was awarded 51% of the marital estate while Wife received 49%.
  2. In Wells v. Wells, the parties were married 14 years and both parties made equal contributions to the marital estate. Wife received 57% of the marital estate to Husband’s 43%.  This was considered equitable considering Husband’s greater ability to acquire future assets.

Antrican v. Antrican (Tenn. Ct. App. Mar. 22, 2010).

Wells v. Wells (Tenn. Ct. App. Mar. 15, 2010).

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