Strange v. Strange

March 26, 2010 K.O. Herston 0 Comments

Facts: Husband failed to disclose an asset during the discovery phase of the divorce proceedings and Wife discovered the asset after the divorce was finalized. *gulp*

The trial court reopened the case and ordered Husband to pay Wife half the value of the asset, prejudgment interest at 10%, and all of Wife’s attorney’s fees and expenses. Husband appealed. *gulp*

The Court of Appeals affirmed the trial court’s decision and was apparently not impressed with Husband, declaring his appeal “groundless and devoid of merit.” Husband was then ordered to pay Wife all of her attorney’s fees and expenses incurred on appeal, lest she bear the “expense and vexation” of Husband’s “frivolous appeal.”

Protip: When you swear under oath that you’ve disclosed all your assets, you’d better tell the truth.  If you don’t, you very well may lose the asset and pay the ex’s attorney for taking it from you.

Strange v. Strange (Tenn. Ct. App. Feb. 2, 2010).

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